The sapphire is the birthstone corresponding to the month of September, it is the zodiacal stone of Taurus and the gemstone for the fifth wedding anniversary. It symbolizes noble qualities, such as wisdom, loyalty, greatness, etc.

Two types of sapphires are used in Vedic astrology: the yellow sapphire corresponds to the planet Jupiter and the blue sapphire is related to Saturn.

Sapphires are the blue gemological variety of corundums. Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds form one of the most important groups in terms of colored stones.

The name sapphire derives from the Latin “sapphirus”, a term that derives from a Greek word with similar pronunciation.

It was also called hyacinth, meaning “blue colored lily.”

In the Middle Ages, the old Spanish word safirí was used to refer to the blue sapphire (safirí  means “blue colored”).

There are sapphires of different colors: green, yellow, violet, pink, orange, as well as of many intermediate colors. Sapphires can show the effects of color changes and may present asterism. Orange corundum is also known as padparadscha, a term derived from the Sinhalese word that means “lotus flower.” The leuco-sapphire is a colorless sapphire.

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