In 1952, the Jewelers of America association included the Tourmaline in the list of birthstones, becoming the second birthstone for October.

The black Tourmaline has been traditionally used to gain protection from bad energies, negative thoughts, bad influences, etc.

The name comes from the Sinhala word “tourmali”, meaning stones of different colors. Tourmaline is the name of a group of related mineral species, with a very complex chemical composition.

Tourmaline is the queen of color. We find tourmalines in all colors: Multicolor, Bicolor, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Violet, Brown, Neon Blue, Colorless, etc., It can also present Asterism, Color Change, Trapiche (radial pattern). EVERYTHING.

The most appreciated color variety is the Paraiba Tourmaline (showing intense blue and green, colored by copper), followed by Rubellite, Indicolite, Chrome Tourmaline and Bi Color. In today’s market, saturated colors are in high demand, although in recent years less saturated colors, such as pink tourmalines, have gained many a following.


The Opal is associated with good luck, it is the birthstone for October and the gem for 14th wedding anniversaries.

The name for the opal comes from the Sanskrit word “Upala”, meaning precious stone or stone par excellence.

The Greek word “opallios” means “to see a change of colors”.

The opal is an amorphous substance that belongs to the silica group. It is formed by a series of spherical microscopic structures of various sizes, which diffract light to show a beautiful play of colors.

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