The Amethyst corresponds to those born in February. It is astrologically associated with the zodiacal sign of Pisces and is the gemstone that is gifted for those celebrating a 6th wedding anniversary.

Its name comes from the Greek word AMETHYSTOS (not intoxicated), it evokes the color of the wine to which water has been added to limit their negative effects.

The Romans drank from amethyst cups to protect themselves from the effects of wine, and Christian Bishops wear amethyst rings in an allusion to the sober state of the Apostles on the Pentecost Passover (Acts 2:15).

St. Valentine wore an amethyst ring, engraved with the image of Cupid.

When we speak of purple gems, the first gem we think of is the Amethyst,the purple variety of the QUARTZ. Until the 18th century, it was considered to be one of the most valuable gemstones, along with Diamonds, Rubies and Emeralds.

“Rose de France” is the  comercial name for pale lilac Amethyst and it is very popular in jewelry.

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