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One of our favorite things to do is to make your vision a reality. We love working with our customers to help bring that vision to life! Our goldsmith has 40 years of experience specializing in custom jewelry design. She is also gifted in transforming heirloom jewelry into beautiful pieces that complement your diamonds and gemstones.

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How we do it…

Custom CAD Design

Custom CAD Jewelry Design

CAD is the modern technology for designing your custom piece of jewelry.  There are 2 ways to create a CAD:

  • Huffman’s has the technology to scan in a piece and duplicate it (example: a lost earring) 
  • Or, we can start with the customer’s design on paper and merely create it  This image/drawing is transformed to the software on the computer. 

During this process the customer can view many angles of the piece. This way it can be altered to perfection. The computer image makes it very easy to see what the finished piece will look like.

Please stop by or call us to discuss your dream piece and let us help create it for you.

Custom Wax Carving

Custom Wax Carving

Huffman  offers an alternative to CAD for designing jewelry: We do custom carving in wax to create that special piece.

This style of designing starts with a block of wax. We begin carving using intricate tools designed for the job and within 2-4 hours a beautiful hand carved piece is created. 

Hand carving is still commonly used today and sometimes more reasonably priced than modern computer style CAD.

Examples of our work…

CAD Earring Replacement

CAD Earring Replacement

One of our customers lost an earring and needed it replaced. The one on the left is the original earring and was was digitally scanned. The earring on the right is the computer model to duplicate it.
CAD earring replacement-01
CAD earring replacement-01

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